Watch This

Watch This _DSC4812 We drove two and a half hours to get here and proceeded to not immediately break every vehicle this time. Yay.

Jokes aside, it was nice to actually go outside and do something for a change. It seems like lately even just leaving the house for any reason at all has become something of a treat, almost like a field trip if you will. Of course that hasn’t stopped us from still tinkering away at our projects on the side which we should be seeing more of on the site in the coming months.

Having moved out of province a few months back, Austin was back in town for a few upgrades on his 4Runner which was taken care of by the team over at RA Motorsports. After a few days of work when everything was completed, a trip was in order to break in the new parts and to explore some new ground. I’m not sure where we ended up exactly but I can tell you that we were somewhere around the Brule area, ended up in the sand dunes, and then finished things off by the shore. The roads were rough, the trails were narrow, the puddles were thankfully thawed out this time, and there was no Adam in sight to impress; all the perfect ingredients for a good adventure.






























































Click here to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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