Speed Freaks 86 Day

_DSC7058 In 1995, a relatively unknown mangaka (manga artist) published a new series about an unassuming looking Toyota Corolla and it’s even more unassuming looking driver. Little did he know however just how huge of an influence this new manga would have in both the car tuning world as well as pop culture. The name of this manga of course is none other than Initial D. Like what the DB5 did for James Bond, the AE86 Trueno was the chosen weapon of choice for the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara and would garner its own following of loyal enthusiast in the real world. Thank you Shuichi Shigeno-san; you’ve chosen the perfect car.

Every year the 86 enthusiasts around the globe hold various gatherings for both this special car as well as its new incarnation (Toyota 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ). Over here in Alberta, we had the both the YEG86 as well as Dori-Kaze meets, followed a few days later by the Speed Freaks 86 Day. This was an 86-themed track day utilizing Castrol Raceway’s short course layout which for whatever reason seems to invite some rather aggressive driving. There were a variety of both old and new chassis out pushing the limits of their cars, getting a feel for what tofu delivery is really like.









































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