Driven Edmonton 2022

_DSC8932 It’s been a few years since I’ve last been to Driven Edmonton with the RA Motorsports crew, and this time the venue was a bit different with it being held at the West Edmonton Mall parkade, which made lighting a bit difficult, but still manageable.

It was a busy long couple of weeks leading up to the show, but we somehow managed to pull through for the most part. I’ll kick off the post with Laski’s Tacoma, seen here with the passenger front wheel facing the correct direction.

_DSC8933 Matt has since sold his lifted Suzuki SX4 and has acquired a new project in the form of this 1996 4Runner manual. It’s quite a far cry from when he first picked it up a few months ago where it was a giant rust bucket that didn’t even have rockers left anymore.

_DSC8935 The 4Runner now stands tall with new Elka suspension, Enkei RPT1’s, and Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT’s. Of course it has also been outfitted with new full skid plates and modular roof rack from RA Motorsports, and I get the feeling that it won’t be staying this clean for very long.

_DSC8937 On the other side of the booth, Matt’s AE86 Corolla was turning heads all day as usual. It was a pleasure to chat with many of you throughout the day about this car as it is certainly something special.

_DSC8939 Eric’s S15 also made it out to the show for the day.

_DSC8943 Some of you may have seen me post some progress shots of Brendon’s car on Instagram over the past couple of weeks, which ultimately was not 100% finished for the show. A certain company that starts with the letter “B” and rhymes with “Black Market Fab” 110% did not pull through with delivering their exhaust manifold in time, so we weren’t able to get the car running by show time.

_DSC8945 Regardless, we still wanted to at least bring the car out to show off as I believe this is the first K-swapped S-chassis around here (someone correct me if I’m wrong). The bay has also been shaved and painted by Derek at Trademark Auto House who did an incredible job. Hopefully we’ll see this car running soon!

_DSC8948 The RA boys throwing up some gang signs in their booth.




_DSC8815 It would appear that underglow is making a comeback and I am A-OK with that.


_DSC8818 Nick’s Liberal Corporation kitted STI now also sporting a Chargespeed hood over at the First Gear Project booth.

_DSC8819 Leo’s new GR 86 which has already been fitted with a full Voltex kit, wing, and Yokohama Advan RG4’s.

_DSC8820 Nick’s other Impreza sporting a full Voltex widebody kit.

_DSC8822 Rockey Bunny Ver.2 FR-S by First Gear Project.

_DSC8951 Kevin’s new adventure Crosstrek, fully Albertan-spec’d by the team over at First Gear Project.

_DSC8823 A gorgeous example of an R34 GT-R from Mercari Auto.




_DSC8830 Stretched Kawasaki ZX14 with a full audio system by Tomahawk Customs and Detail.

_DSC8834 Also from Tomahawk Customs and Detail, This Lincoln Continental was easily one of my favourites from the show. This thing just oozes style all over and also rocks a giant V8 under the hood.

_DSC8832 The trunk setup was extremely well executed. Good job boys!

_DSC8837 Avery’s 350Z now rolling on Work Meister S1’s.

_DSC8838 Derek’s FR-S sans front bumper to show off the duct work.

_DSC8839 2G Talon with full Eclipse body by Siegeworks.

_DSC8840 A very well done drift spec RX-8 also by Siegeworks. It made quite the racket leaving the show at the end of the day (as any proper rotary should).



_DSC8844 It was great to see Gabriel’s Integra out again.




_DSC8851 Dominic Toretto making an appearance.

_DSC8854 Mark’s RWB 993.

_DSC8855 Super cool MKIV Supra giving off some early 2000’s vibes.





_DSC8863 Another one of my favourites from the show was this Civic running a full Seeker “ultimate” kit by the Legitsociety crew.

_DSC8865 Kanji’s BRZ with a new green theme sans motivational quotes.



_DSC8871 Seeing this F&F Eclipse replica was quite a treat for me as that was originally the car that really piqued my interest with modifying cars.

_DSC8872 For the most part it was pretty well done too, just missing the original Axis Se7en wheels.

_DSC8875 Word on the street is that this Evo is pushing 900+HP with a sequential transmission.




_DSC8883 As always, David from Avant Garde Motorsports brought out plenty of precious metal for everyone to awe at.

_DSC8884 At the center of the booth was this Lamborghini Urus equipped with a full 1016 Industries Vision widebody kit and Model 10 wheels.



_DSC8888 Eric’s itasha NSX on TE37’s over in the Fake Hero booth.



_DSC8893 Deepkaran’s K20 powered Civic SiR sandwiched between some RWD machinery.

_DSC8895 Deepkaran’s NA2 NSX.

_DSC8900 Deepkaran’s JDM DC2 Integra Type R (yes the past three Honda’s are all owned by the same person).




_DSC8906 No idea what these are but they are easily a couple of my favourites from the show. My goodness.




_DSC8912 More LED’s than my computer.

_DSC8914 Kevin’s Initial D themed 86.


_DSC8919 Terrance’s wild looking Liberty Walk MP4-12C with full 650S conversion.




_DSC8925 No idea what this is either but super cool. _DSC8928 Colin’s full race prepped M3 sitting quietly for the day.

_DSC8930 I’ll finish off this post with Derrick’s very clean Miata, which is usually running laps at the track but was also pulling show duty for the day.

It’s been a little while since I’ve attended a show, so it was definitely nice to see so many familiar faces again. I will be with the RA Motorsports team at next weeks Midnight Rev Up show, so I’ll see you all there!


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