Midnight Rev Up 2022

_DSC8959 I still remember the first year that Midnight Rev Up came into the scene; “oh great, here’s another random show trying to do the same as everyone else” were my initial thoughts. Although completely unrelated, I was having quite a rough day prepping my Integra for a track day during the first year of this show, and even though I initially wasn’t planning on attending, I ended up dropping by since I figured that a change of scenery would do me some good. Boy was I glad that I went.

Even though I had seen many (if not all) of the cars that were present, the atmosphere was so relaxing and refreshing that it still was still extremely enjoyable just to hang out, kind of like a casual meet (PSA: car shows are NOT the same thing as a meet). I knew I had to go back, and the following year I ended up dragging the RA Motorsports team along with me, which was shortly followed by the end of the world. Although I couldn’t attend last years show, I was beyond ecstatic to hear that they would not only be back for 2022, but the show would also be held at the Edmonton Expo Center. For the old timers still kicking around, this was one of the main stomping grounds for car shows back in the day, and it was also the last place that my old Eclipse would attend a show with DTP in 2008.

Midnight Rev Up (along with the illmotion Sunday School) have essentially set the standard for what a car show should be around here, so I was very much looking forward to see what the event had to offer this time around. Needless to say, the team killed it this year with their emphasis on quality over quantity. No, there isn’t 500+ cars with goals of hitting 1,000+ attendance numbers; the spaces allocated were carefully planned to ensure that a good view of each car was possible with ample room for walking around. If you want quantity, then feel free to play the Zerg in Starcraft.




_DSC8965 Very clean and simple 370Z on Advan RG-D2’s. I like.


_DSC8967 Jesse’s K-powered 911 which would go on to take home one of the Top 10 awards.




_DSC8975 Awesome Evo IX wagon from Mercari Auto.

_DSC8977 Berry’s Varis widebody FR-S.

_DSC8978 The new 86/BRZ is really starting to grow on me, not to mention that the penguin grilles are a nice touch.


_DSC8980 Peter’s FR-S with wheel barrels so clean that you can allegedly eat sushi off of them.





_DSC8985 Now here’s a car I have not seen before, a wild looking Mitsubishi Zero themed 280Z with tons of custom parts and attention to detail.


_DSC8987 Overall this was very well done and would also go on to take home an award. Good job to the owner!






_DSC8996 Shout-out to this total stranger that asked me to take a picture of him with his car.

_DSC9000 (Spoiler alert: apparently it isn’t even his car).


_DSC9005 Quite a wild looking itasha Saber-themed FK8.


_DSC9009 Trung’s Voltex S2000 pulling show duty instead of track duty for the evening.


_DSC9011 Trung’s NSX was also present for show duties for the night.




_DSC9016 One of my favourites from the show was easily this Miata rolling on Work Equip 03’s. The attention to detail on this car can be found throughout, and the mix of Thrash Racing Magic Zebra seats, the quilted interior, and the bikini top all flow so well together.

_DSC9019 This is such a good build, and apparently the owner is not done with it. I very much look forward to seeing how this car progresses!

_DSC9021 _DSC9022





_DSC9030 Great looking Tacoma rolling on Volk Racing TE37XT’s wrapped in some beefy Yokohama Geolander M/T’s.






_DSC9039 Nick’s Voltex widebody STi taking center stage on the red carpet.




_DSC9046 Leo’s GR 86 is a prime example of how a careful selection of parts is more important than throwing all kinds of trash at your “build” just for the sake of having more mods.






_DSC9059 Another show favourite of mine was this mint BMW 3 Series wearing a full Pandem kit. Mint exterior + white leather interior = yes.


_DSC9061 Some proper lighting this time so you can actually see the custom titanium piping on Derek’s car.







_DSC9071 Super glittery widebody S14 on three piece Work Meister wide boys.








_DSC9082 Mr. Barrel Inspection’s FK8 wearing the full Mugen aero kit. Looking good Jason!









_DSC9132 Matt’s new 4Runner just waiting to get covered in nature.

_DSC9095 Laski’s Tacoma which would come in handy later…


_DSC9138 …to take some wider show shots!



_DSC9098 Matt’s AE86 taking the spotlight in the RA booth as always.

_DSC9106 Brendon’s K24 swapped S13 which we pushed the shit out of into the show because it still isn’t running yet (at least the front has been lowered a bit more now).

_DSC9112 Rick’s 1J powered S13 proudly wearing some battle scars in the show.

_DSC9113 Eric decided to bring out his SR20 powered S13 this time around to help complete the S13 trio.



_DSC9118 Invision Auto brought out the Bride display for people to try out. Also people with stock Dodge Dart’s and Chevy Cobalt’s can stop by here to chat with ya boi The Real Wheel Deal to get some actual wheels.

_DSC9120 Gorgeous McLaren 720S from Mercari Auto.

_DSC9121 I’ll finish the post off here with a quick picture of the RA Motorsports booth showing off some of the products that they both sell as well as manufacture right here in town.

Thank you to both the event organizers as well as the Expo Center staff for such a fun time. The event itself went smoothly, roll-in was properly spaced out, and the event staff even adapted on the fly and allowed the RA boys to show off their trucks off a bit more when extra space became available. It’s this sort of thought and attention to detail that really set this show apart from others here (and also actually letting us leave during roll-out).

I look forward to future shows!


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