RA Cars & Coffee

_DSC9478 My good friends over at RA Motorsports have officially setup shop and have actually been open for a little while now, but thanks to a certain pandemic going on, there wasn’t ever any sort of real grand opening or open house. This of course didn’t faze them at all and they’ve still been keeping as busy as ever, constantly producing new products for both track oriented vehicles and overlanding rigs, all of which are designed and manufactured right here in Edmonton. Since both Matt and Cale own an AE86 and FR-S respectively, and seeing that 86 Day was right around the corner, the team over at RA decided to host their first annual cars and coffee event, supported by their neighbors AdD Coffee and our friends over at Bon Ton Bakery.

For the younger audience that is reading this, a cars and coffee event is a far cry from your typical UC or Barlow meet. Instead of waking up eventually, instantly downing a Monster followed by a Rockstar, and then revving the life out of your straight piped but otherwise stock 350Z, a cars and coffee event is more along the lines of wake up early on a weekend morning, drive like a responsible human being to the destination, park normally and NOT in the middle of the road (I’m speaking to you Kensington crowd), and drink actual adult coffee. Sounds nice and peaceful right? Good, because it’s supposed to be.

Besides bringing out enthusiasts who genuinely just enjoy cars instead of chasing after imaginary Instafame, these events also typically tend to draw out quite a variety of machinery as well. As you are about to see, this morning attracted everything from track oriented cars, exotics, classics, and of course the aforementioned overlanding rigs. It’s definitely a good time for car lovers of all sorts.

Big thanks to the RA Motorsports team for organizing this incredibly fun event, AdD Coffee for both the amazing coffee and special edition AE86 themed coffee bags, Bon Ton Bakery for providing everyone with delicious morning goodies, and of course all of you who came out to make the first RA Motorsports Cars & Coffee event an absolute success.

See you all next time.


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