_DSC9994 I unexpectedly ended up at last weeks Spec-D Grassroots Competition out at Stratotech Park to snap some photos of Rick, owner of the 1J powered S13 seen here. It’s been a while since Rick has been in competition and since he was getting back into it, I figured why not make the short drive out? Not to mention that this was a grassroots level event and those are always a lot of fun.

I tried to capture what I could, but a lot of these photos will look a bit repetitive since I just stood in the same spot the entire time (I didn’t bring a high-visibility vest so I wasn’t able to go out onto the track). Oh well.

Congrats to the both Rick and Tony for taking home second and third place respectively, and of course shout-out to Jared to always driving his NA KA powered S14 to the absolute limit and always managing to keep up with much higher powered machinery.











































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