_DSC0003 Despite being in Alberta, me and the RA crew don’t actually make it out overlanding too often. During the summer we’re generally busier with track events, and during the winter we prefer to not freeze to death. This past weekend however, we managed to find some time as well as our winter jackets and make it for a few hours to Bruderheim, our own local off-roading spot. Come to think of it, we’ve only ever been out there during the winter months for whatever reason…

Since we’ve been out there a few times before, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect for the most part. The one hiccup of the day was when Rortha went off path a bit more than he would have wanted in his Xterra. After a gentle love-tap with a small tree, he ended up having to get pulled back into place by Matt in his 4Runner. That made for a rather interesting spectacle as the rear end of the Xterra ended up almost four feet into the air.

Only a short wait until the warmer months so hopefully we don’t have to bear the cold much longer.




































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