Dyno Day With Turbogixxer Tuning

When it comes to modifying cars, everyone is going to have some sort of goal in mind. Whether it’s raw power, being as nimble in the corners as possible, or just finding the perfect balance, the automotive tuning scene is constantly evolving. With new and innovative ways to get the best out of your vehicle, the possibilities are endless.

I was recently invited to a dyno day with Kenny Sampson of Turbogixxer Tuning, and although I wasn’t getting my own Integra tuned that day, I thought I’d take this opportunity to see what a tuning session is actually like. To make sure that you’re getting the best performance possible from you engine, dyno tuning is crucial. Everything has to work together in harmony.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Turbogixxer Tuning, they have been tuning engines since 2003. Some of their major accomplishments include a stock sleeved B series EG Civic running 10.23@144MPH, a stock all motor H22A powered EG Civic running 11.13@119MPH, and another EG Civic street car that’s powered by a BW 65mm turbo that runs 9’s!

The shop we would be invading on that day was Horsepower Solutions in west Edmonton.

Horsepower Solutions are more known for domestic and “muscle” tuning, as evident by some of the machinery that was present that day!

I couldn’t help but take a peak under this Challenger on the hoist that was getting some work done to it. The world “clean” pretty much sums it up!

Outside they had this Mustang sporting a pearlescent paint job, something you don’t see too much of anymore these days.

On that day however, I was there for the imports. More specifically, I was there for the Hondas, like this pair of force induced EM1’s for example.

The one in the front there was aiming for some high numbers and managed to finish the day off at 518WHP/338WTQ on race gas. Unfortunately the tires were slipping on the dyno, so he’s actually making a little higher than that!

This one here is owned by my friend Mike and like most car guys, has been his project for the last little while.

The owner has gone away with the B16A2 and gone with a more modern K20A. Supercharged with a Jackson Racing kit, this setup was good for 267WHP197WTQ. I went for a ride in this one and boy do superchargers feel good!

Meanwhile, over in the corner…

…my good friend James was having issues with his K24 powered EK hatch.

Apparently the timing chain tensioner was giving him problems, so he quickly got to work to try and get his car back on the dyno ASAP.

Going slightly off-topic, all the coolant had to be drained before removing a radiator hose to gain access to the problematic tensioner. I went off with a friend to go get some more coolant as well as a cut-out valve cover…

…from some of our friends who were enjoying some dim-sum not too far away. You may recognize the white Evo IX from the 780Tuners Season Opener just a few weeks ago.

The red Evo V on the other hand had just recently landed on Canadian soil. Hopefully we will be seeing more of this car in the future!

Back at the shop, a few more cars were getting ready to go on the dyno, like this turbocharged Integra Type R that I saw at the track last year.

Unfortunately the cars dyno session ended prematurely due to a crack in the exhaust manifold. Not letting this discourage him, the owner was confident in getting the car back out soon for tuning!

It’s nice to see that not everyone defaces their USDM ITR’s in favor for the more popular JDM look (not to mention a 97!).

Then again, the JDM front looks so good!

Which front end do you guys prefer?

This is another ITR that I ran with on the track last year. We also saw it again at the Annual 780Tuners Honda Meet, although it is looking a little different now with the Spoon Sports banner and gold Gramlights.

Of course nothing ever goes as planned, so I never got to see James run his car on the dyno that day. He did, however, get everything back together for the next day and was able to put down an amazing 276WHP/195WTQ while still being NA! Be on the looking for a full feature of this incredible car this summer!

I’m looking forward to running with these cars on the track later this year!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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