The Kore Dance Studio Two Year Anniversary Workshops


The Kore Dance Studio is home to many local dance groups in the Edmonton community, such as Next Gen Company, NXG Juniors, Femality, Trailmix, and many more.


There are constant practices as well as workshops held at The Kore on a daily basis, keeping the studio floors busy and the air filled with music.


For their two year anniversary, The Kore hosted a series of workshops for the weekend, with many guest instructors from the west coast such as Chris Martin, Jerome Esplana, Gigi Torres, Carlo Atienza, Vinh Nguyen, and Alexander Chung.


With a total of nine workshops over the span of three days, there was something for everybody, whether it be a slow, calm set that even beginners can get the hang of, or something much more fast paced for the advanced dancers.


You’ll always find quite the collection of shoes among dances of all different styles and tastes…


…with Converse being one of the most popular…


…right next to Vans…


…and of course the many variations of each.


Hour after hour, each instructor took to the floor to teach their own unique choreography, with most of the instructors teaching more than one workshop.


With so much talent coming out of The Kore Dance Studio, I can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the future!


The Kore Dance Studio.

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