Little Hearts Big Dreams 3 – Pre-Show


This year the organizers of the Little Hearts Big Dreams benefit concert contacted me to do a little something different for this years show.


Every year the show features a lot of local talent, whether it be singers or dancers, and sometimes some special groups from out of town as well.


For this years show, the organizers wanted to not only do multiple shoots with each of the performers, but also some short video interviews, asking them what their biggest dream in life is.


For some, this meant hoping to inspire the younger generation to pursue their dreams. For others, such as Sean Sonego, it meant something as simple as a standing ovation.


The photos would play through a slideshow before the show as well as during intermission, giving everyone a little taste of what’s to come. The videos on the other hand would play before each acting, giving the audience the chance to know their favourite performers a little bit more.


It was a lot of fun working with all the performers, some of them of which I’ve met at previous concerts, while others I finally got to officially meet!


It was also a little hectic, given that this was all done in the time spam of three days. With multiple “mini” shoots with each group, we had to think up of new ideas constantly!


The girls of Femality were a lot of fun to work with, even though I was asked to do their shoot literally the night before! Can’t wait to see everyone again next year!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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