Speedway Performance Time Attack Challenge

For years, Speedway Performance (previously known as P1HPDE) has been organizing lapping/time attack events, giving people the chance to bring their vehicles to the limit, as well as to hone and perfect their driving skills.

From professionals who are out to practice to people who are racing for the first time; the Speedway Performance events welcome everyone.

I took the opportunity to spend an evening at a recent SPTAC and take a look at the various types of cars as well as drivers that were out for a night of racing at Stratotech Park.

I was pretty excited to see an FRS out on the track that evening.

In addition to a stripped out interior, the car seemed to be lightly tuned but was running fairly consistent throughout the event.

An S2000 getting a little sideways!

I think the Rays 350Z Track Wheels suit the lines of the S2000 quite well.

While the silver S2000 was NA and had a conservative look, this white one here was definitely looking a little more extreme with its J’s Racing kit and is also turbocharged! Too bad it wasn’t running on the track that evening.

A closer look at the Supra that we saw just a few pictures above.

This car is actually lady-driven on the track quite regularly!

I love the sound of high revving Rotaries!

Too bad it wasn’t spitting any flames that evening.

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of my Integra while sitting next to…

…this B18C powered Del Sol. The owner is friend of mine and she is also organizing a full day event here at Stratotech Park in August. Make sure to drop by and check it out!

Of course, she wasn’t just sitting idly by…

…she was there to get some practice after a long hiatus from the track!

A serious looking track prepped Evo X that we’ve seen a couple times in the past year, but it also was one of the cars not running that evening.

There were a few older Porsches that night, still running strong after all these years!

I just love the way the classic design of the 944 looks on a set of newer 993 Turbo Twist Hollow Spokes.

Hailed as one of the best FWD cars in the history of automobiles, the Integra Type R is quite the machine, even in factory trim.

Owned by another friend of mine, this example has a carefully selected list of modifications purely for the purpose of increasing performance. At the heart of it all is a Spoon B18C Crate Motor!


…things would later take a turn for the worse.

The car decided to throw a rod, and yes, that is part of the connecting rod resting inbetween the block and header!

No one is immune from car troubles, no matter how careful we are. This is one of the many things you have to be prepared for if you decided to race your car on the track.

The car is in the process of being rebuilt so hopefully we will be seeing it back in action soon!

If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be on a track, I would highly suggest checking out both the Speedway Performance time attacks as well as the Rev For Le Cure event later on this year. Sadly, our beloved Stratotech Park will be torn down come winter, so now’s your chance to get some time behind the wheel!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

Speedway Performance

Rev For Le Cure FaceBook Event Page

Stratotech Park

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