Rev For Le Cure

“Car enthusiasts getting together to raise funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation impacting our Cross Cancer Institute directly. Please join us in our annual car show & shine, lapping day, 50/50 draw, swap meet and bake sale we will raise money towards finding Le cure.” – Lam Le.

With both summer and our beloved Stratotech Park coming to an end, it was time for one last party!!

This year we saw the first ever Rev For Le Cure event, an event that would gather car enthusiasts of all backgrounds for one sole purpose: to help find the cure for cancer.

That’s right! This was a charity event with all proceeds being donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation! Because, you know, racing around and showing off your cars don’t actually do anything for cancer research unfortunately…

…but that didn’t stop us from trying!

This was a jam packed event with something going on every minute. I haven’t seen an event like this since Sport Compact Challenge back in 2005!

The day consisted of both day and night lapping, a show and shine, a swap meet, draws and prizes, and so much more to see and do with the presence of sponsors and supporters such as Fat Franks and Global TV!

It was pretty cool to see the ex-Hybrid Racing demo car out stretching its legs.

Unfortunately I don’t have too many photos of the day lapping, but that’s because I was out participating that day!

With that being said, I did wander around the pits a bit once my session was done.

A subtle looking S2000 sitting patiently in the pits.

On the other hand, the Silverzinc Motors GRB Impreza was looking ready to do battle!

The interior is as serious as the exterior. Clearly this is a dedicated track car.

I absolutely love how aggressive this Zero Sports kit looks.

It was nice to see this clean EK sporting some Chargespeed aero, a brand we don’t see too much of anymore. It’s also powered by a K20 and supercharged as well!

Could’ve sworn I saw this car in Vancouver just the week prior…

As we saw at the Speedway Performance Time Attack Challenge, no one is immune to car troubles, especially at a track event.

Thankfully it was nothing serious however, as this turbo S2000’s horn was just stuck on. It did make for some ringing ears while trying to mend the problem though!

This S13 was having some overheating issues and was spitting flames like no ones business.

Clean and simple.

I’ve always had a soft spot for EK’s.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the pits, things were getting busier…

…as people were arriving for the show and shine!

This was my first time seeing an Ultima GTR in person. This particular example…

…is powered by an LSx. This was the owners second time out on the track with this car and I can assure you it looks and sounds great!

This boosted EG was also one of the few in the show and shine that were lapping earlier in the day. Unfortunately this car would be first to fall victim to the gravel traps due to a brake failure.

I’m not sure what I like better, the smooth OEM lines of the S2000…

…or what they look like when taken to the extreme!

We don’t see too many of these around!

We saw this Civic SiR just a few months ago while it was getting tuned by Kenny Sampson of Turbogixxer tuning. Still looking good!

A very clean ITR rolling on some old school Work RSZ-R’s…

…with an equally good looking one parked right next to it.

One more for good measure. This one is equipped with a 4.9 final drive, and on a tight and short course like Stratotech, it sure made good use of it!

Right next to the DC2’s was the younger brother of the Integra, the DC5. We saw this car at the 780Tuners Season Opener earlier this year, but it was also tearing up the track earlier that day!

Type R’s everywhere!

VIP Lexus looking mean.

Here’s something you don’t see every day; a BMW with…

…a 1JZ swap under the hood!

Probably the best looking Camaro I’ve seen (after Bumblebee of course).

It’s too bad we don’t see too many AE86’s around anymore. This particular one is sporting an SR20 swap!

Black or white?

The parking lot also always has some interesting vehicles, and while not all of them are entered in the show and shine, some of them are still down for showing off!

Well played.

It’s too bad we never got the Evo VIII and IX’s in Canada like our neighbors in the States did.

At least they’re legal for import here!

Another car we never got, the FD2 Civic Type R. That didn’t stop the owner of this Acura CSX to completely transforming it into its JDM counterpart however!

One more car that I adore, the EG Civic. It’s too bad Honda doesn’t make cars like they used to anymore.

With the sun just barely starting to set, it was time for the evening lapping to begin.

The morning and evening lapping groups were different, so we would be seeing some new machinery out on the track than what we saw earlier.

I think most people will agree, VQ’s sound amazing!

It was neat to see the new Impreza out on the track along with its older siblings.

In fact, the evening session was filled primarily with Imprezas…

…and Lancers!

The Silverzinc Motors Impreza in action!

This car also ran during the day, but for the evening the team opted to run slicks to get some even quicker times.

After a quick chat with the owner, I found out that this car is also street driven!

People that know me know that I absolutely love Porsches, so it was great to hear the owner of this 996 opening up the taps on that flat six!

This FRS was running very strong during both the day and night lapping, passing just about everyone in his run group.

Although we see quite a few Genesis’, we don’t see too many out on the track that often.

The S2000 we saw earlier, this time out and hitting that VTEC!

Unlike the white one, this silver S2000 is supercharged and is pushing over 300RWHP!

This TRD Supra not only looked, but also sounded fantastic.

While the Supras weight is a handicap in the corners, it certainly had no issues on the straights!

I can’t get enough of good the TRD kit looks!

What a great way to spend the day; out lapping in the sun, surrounded by beautiful cars and the great people who drive them, and most importantly, helping raise money for a great cause.

With the day coming to an end, it was time to say goodbye to my fellow car enthusiast, and of course, goodbye to Stratotech Park. It’s sad to think that the time has come to an end for this amazing facility, but with the construction of the new Castrol Raceway complete, we can only hope that bigger and better things are on their way. I would also like to extend a big thank you to my friend Lam Le for organizing this great event!

Farewell Stratotech! You will be missed!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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