Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer

Every year the car guys and gals like to kick off the beginning of summer with one enormous car meet, otherwise known as the 780Tuners Annual Season Opener.

I’ve been attending the meet for the last couple of years now since we started doing an official “season opener”, and it’s been getting bigger and bigger ever since.

As you can probably tell from these first few photos however, the weather on this particular day wasn’t the greatest. We were experiencing just below zero temperatures and even got snow later on that evening. I should also mention that this was the first week of May. Yup, typical Alberta weather.

No matter, I met up with a few buddies and we made our way to the other side of town.

One of the first things that caught my eye once we arrived was this S15 Silvia. I’ve always been of a fan of the S15 and am hoping to see a lot more make their way on over to Canadian soil.

The YEG 86 crew were out in full force that day as well. I still can’t decide if I like the BRZ or FRS/98 front end more!

Some of the owners have been playing around with forced induction as well. They say that it’s a blast to drive and I believe them!

Apparently this guy is not on bags despite the incredibly low ride height. I guess that explains the missing front bumper.

An interesting looking Del Sol…

…running an old school Vortech supercharger! I had forgotten that these things even exist.

A very clean looking FD RX7.

Another clean example of an older JDM car was this fully drift prepped S13 Silvia.

You just know that this car won’t be staying in this good of condition for long. After all, drift cars take quite the beating!

I just love how the doors on the Toyota Sera open up.

Man this GTR looks MEAN!

An incredibly mint condition Z, something that’s becoming harder and harder to find these days.

On the other hand, we have the Speedtech Auto Works car which is now SR powered!

This Porsche Cayman S covered in Martini Racing livery was featured at the Edmonton Motor Show earlier this year and boy does it look good!

At the same time, sometimes keeping it clean and simple also does the trick.

The Spoon Sports S2000 that we saw back at the ill.motion Sunday School last summer is now in Edmonton and happens to be owned by a friend of mine.

I still can’t get enough of this car. Maybe I’ll just have to do a full feature on it this year!

There’s a few good looking IS250/IS350’s rolling around town…

…but it’s not too often you see an ISF that’s been done up! At least we know that it’s got the power to back up the killer looks.

There’s always been a mixed view on Lexus’ as to whether or not to preserve their luxurious nature, or to abandon that all together and go with a full on race car theme. Which do you guys prefer?

The NSX still looks so good after all these years. This one’s also up for grabs right now!

A funky looking Honda Ruckus and, well, to be honest I’m not sure what the white bike/scooter is.

The great thing about this meet is that there are all kinds of auto enthusiasts that show up!

I was pretty surprised to find this 100% bone stock (except for the wheels) Integra Type R. I remember seeing them all over the place when I was a kid, now everything’s got a JDM front end and is Championship White (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)!

Even though the weather was getting worse (and we were starting to get snowed on at this point), the action continued on when the high rollers representing the Racing For A Cure charity event showed up. This is the very first Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster in town!

Believe it or not, the guy who owns the Aventator also owns this beautiful 458 Italia. Now that’s what you call success.

It didn’t stop there however as the very first Ferrari F12berlinetta in town was also present!

To top off the exotic madness, this Mercedes Benz SLR 722S Roadster is one of 150 worldwide!

I’m surprised that the owner of the S13 Vert left his top town the entire time despite being snowed on. You just know that as soon as he left that the top went straight back up!

A supercharged S2000 owned by a buddy of mine sitting on the far end of the parking lot.

Another incredibly clean car that we also saw last year is this RSX with a full DC5R conversion. It’s too bad Honda is slowly moving away from sports cars, although they are apparently planning to reintroduce the S2000 in the future. Only time will tell!

Another good looking Honda was this EK Civic hatch complete with a CTR conversion. I can’t wait until people start importing EK9 Civic Type R’s, except they cost a pretty penny!

I thought this was pretty awesome. I wonder if It actually does anything?

Another look at my good friends incredibly clean AE86 we saw at the beginning of this post. It sounds amazing!

Of course I couldn’t go through the meet without posting a picture of my own Integra. Man it feels good to be driving this again after the long cold winter!

I’m going to finish off this post with yet another one of my friends cars being this very clean Evo IX. After walking around taking pictures in the cold for a couple hours, I was freezing! Oh well, I guess that just means windows rolled down with the heater on…


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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