ill.motion Sunday School 2014

With the absence of the Driven show in Alberta this year, there was definitely an empty feeling with no big car show to look forward to this summer.

The only other thing would be the annual 780Tuners Season Opener which we saw earlier in May, but even then we got snowed on.

Thankfully the ill.motion crew puts on an outdoor show once a year, otherwise known as their Sunday School, so all us car people could still get our import car show fix!

So without wasting too much time, let’s start checking out some of the cars present there that day such as this very clean looking Integra.

The engine bay was equally as clean as well with a turbo setup and the ultra-beefy Circuit Hero strut bar.

This is probably one of the cleanest FD’s I have ever laid eyes on.

Now this is one badass looking Yaris rocking some beefy Hankook R-S3’s wrapped around Enkei RPF1’s.

A lot of S30’s seem to have been popping up in the last few years, all of them just as clean as this one as well.

While seeing a completely factory spec S30 is cool, I still prefer that low and OG look, especially with that front lip!

The Hotboyz drift crew were present again as well, although there is one beige colored car that is missing compared to last year…

I love seeing this car out each year, although the stock seats do leave me with a slightly confused look each time I see them.

There’s not a whole lot of Preludes left in the scene these days, let alone clean boosted ones like this.

It looks like I’m not the only one still rocking a non-VTEC motor as seen here with the Garage Box EK.

That’s quite the good looking lineup.

I’m still loving the look of this all black R32…

…but I think I prefer the Midnight Purple look instead!

I remember seeing this car in the parking lot last year, glad to see the owner has decided to put it in the show!

I’m still tempted to pick up a cheap EF Civic and turning into a Kanjo inspired racer…

This is the firsts BNR34 Skyline GTR V-Spec to land in Canada and damn, does it ever look good!

I’ve only ever seen R34 GTR’s in Asia before so hopefully we start to get more here on Canadian soil.

The imfamous Amuse S2000 now looks extra menacing with that gigantic wing on the back. The car is also for sale now!

Yet another super clean Integra that is turbocharged.

This Integra is also forced induced and is rolling on magnesium blue TE37’s, C-West side skirts, and a Top 1 Motors rear diffuser just to name a few goodies.

And yet another boosted Integra, this one looking a little more aggressive than the rest with that C-West front bumper.

Although my plans for my own Integra are to clean it up as much as possible in the future, I am still quite enjoying that “raw and rough” look that it has at the moment.

We’ve seen this blue Mugen’d RSX quite a few times in the past as well, except now it’s also turbocharged! I think we’re starting to see a trend here with all the Honda guys.

One of the few cars that I haven’t seen before was this incredible looking AE86 hatch, like damn!

Trung’s S2000 is finally all put back together with a brand new (yes, BRAND new) F22C. Long live Lord Vader!

I love the slight blue pearl in this NSX’s paint. Oh and just in case you were wondering, yes it is also turbocharged.

I’ll give a cookie to the first person who can tell me what this correctly.

I don’t know my trucks so I’ll be honest when I say that I have absolutely no idea what this is, but wow.

It looks just as impressive from the rear!

Now THAT is clean.

As popular as S-Chassis are, S14’s seem to almost be someone of a rarity these days (this is an S14.5 by the way for anyone wondering).

Dat canoe.

Another very good looking AE86, this time with an SR20 swap.

On the other hand, we have this battle ready drift machine!

I’m not normally much for wagons but there’s just something about Legacy’s that do it for me.

The imfamous “CHOWFUN” S2000 is back!

I always thought that the Honda beat was a slightly oddball looking car, but regardless I still want one. Why you may ask?

Because when done up correctly they look AMAZING!

They’re also incredibly tiny which I would imagine makes it nice and easy to park pretty much anywhere you want.

While we’re on the topic of amazing…

…a few guys made the drive all the way from Vancouver to attend the ill.motion Sunday School, and boy were they on another level.

You may remember seeing Reggie Mah’s Rocket Bunny kitted FRS at last years show which I thought already looked pretty good, but wow.

As you can see, the car is sporting a new livery, new Advan RGIII’s, a new Voltex wing, and a new Varis carbon fiber trunk. And I do mean new, as I saw Reggie just a few weeks prior to the show and none of these parts had even shown up in the mail yet!

Next to Reggie’s FRS was this Varis widebody kitted GRB Impreza WRX STi.

Those canards look insane!

What’s even more insane on this car is the Top Secret version TE37’s with this incredible well executed exposed carbon fiber spoke. Wow.

And to finish off this jaw-dropping trio, right next to the GRB Sti was this GDB STi with some Cusco looking graphics on just the drivers side. As you can see, it is also rocking a widebody kit with Voltex Aero and new Gram Lights 57Xtreme SP Spec’s in Winning Blue. Quite the combination if you ask me.

It doesn’t stop there however as this car also has the Voltex treatment at the rear in the form of a GT wing and rear diffuser. Wouldn’t be complete with that!

In fact something that I noticed on both STi’s is that they’re both using the same titanium hardware for the widebody. Talk about baller!

I’m going to end this post with a pic of a very simple S13 rolling on what appears to be Enkei Classic 92’s. The tire sidewall paint just completes it if you ask me, kind of reminds me of the Rocket Bunny cars wouldn’t you say?


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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