Third Annual ill.motion Sunday School

This year marked the third annual ill.motion Sunday School; a casual get together/car show for enthusiast to enjoy themselves, and of course, to also show off their rides.

This was my first time checking out this show and I was thoroughly impressed. Even the parking lot had its fair share of cars like this crazy good looking Yaris. Damn!

This Spiderman themed bike certainly caught my eye. Sorry I’m not the most familiar with bikes so I’m not too sure what this is exactly!

A classic and favourite of mine, the AW11 MR2.

Of course this being ill.motion, the quality of cars present were quite high.

There’s quite a few cars here that we’ve seen before at Driven 2013, so I’m mostly just going to go over cars that were not present at the show earlier this year.

Even though it’s an older and “boxier” design, I still think the Celsior looks great when compared to the luxurious cars of today.

I haven’t seen this particular S13 in years since the Speedtech days. Glad to see it finally out of hibernation!

1J swaps seem to be pretty popular amongst S-Chassis owners these days as we’ve been seeing quite a few of them lately.

That’s awesome.

The Hotboyz drift group were also present with a few cars. The S13 is also sporting a 1J, while the Miata runs an SR20!

One car that I was really looking forward to seeing was Reggie Mah’s new Rocket Bunny kitted FRS.

With his old Integra Type R behind him, this is his new project and it’s off to a great start.

This car isn’t finished however and actually looks a little bit different today. Who knows what it’ll be in its final form!

An extremely clean FC…

…with an equally clean AE86 next to it!

“Clean” just about sums this Impreza up.

I rarely see 350Z convertibles, so it was pretty awesome to see a modified example.

I can’t get enough of Magnesium Blue TE37’s!

A stock looking Evo X fitted with a full carbon Kevlar hood and front bumper.

Despite the simple looking exterior, this Integra Type R has been modified inside and out.

150HP and only 399lbs must make for a wild ride on this Ducati 999R.

GTR Power!

A highly modified S2000 with a J’s Racing kit, carbon fiber doors, and is also supercharged! It also happens to be for sale as well for anyone who’s interested.

The old school Z’s still look awesome to this day.

The one and only Amuse S2000 in Calgary!

My favourite part of this kit would have to be the rear…

…but personally I prefer the hardcore look of this Spoon S2000 instead!

This car was apparently built by Opak Racing in the States (Spoon Sports distributor) before they closed down. As it turns out, this car is also currently for sale!

Spoon S2000 a little too much for you? How about this J’s Racing Fit instead? Yup, you guessed it; this car is also up for grabs!

I absolutely love this.

Evo V’s are now legal for import and we’ve been starting to see a few roaming the streets here in Alberta. Hopefully we’ll see more of my favourite generation of Evo!

I very much prefer the look of the white Repsol theme over the usual black and orange livery found on Honda motorcycles. This just looks so good!

The Garage Box EK Civic also made an appearance.

With this years Sunday School being the biggest yet, who knows what ill.motion will have in store for next year. Only time will tell!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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