Sailing Away

Every summer I try to take advantage of the sunny weather and go cruising with the guys as much as possible. Most of the time though I don’t even bother bringing my camera along either, mostly because I just want to drive and take a break from the photos, but Cale here asked me nicely so I figured why not.

Danny also recently finished the winter additions to his car making it look super racecar.

Love the profile of this car.

The Velox Motorsports Hood Louvers are also a nice touch, not to mention help keep engine temps down now that there’s an HKS supercharger under the hood.

This is also my first time seeing Adam’s 350Z.

Tire sidewall lettering is sure getting popular.

My Integra sitting all by itself.

All black party.

I would later ride shotgun in Glen’s BRZ…

…so that we could get some rolling shots done!

I actually haven’t done rolling shots in years so it was quite refreshing to get back into it.

Cale being Cale…

Sadly I didn’t get too many snaps of Adam’s Z but I’m sure that we’ll be seeing much more of it this summer.

Danny’s car just looks so menacing on the streets.

There are a few more pics that aren’t posted here so make sure you click on the Flickr link below to see the rest!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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