Calgary Expo 2016

I know that the majority of content I post is mostly automotive related, and what can I say? I love cars, but cars are just one of my many hobbies. If you’ve been following me for a while now you probably know that I’m also very much into the anime/comic world, which means right around this time of year I make the annual trip down to my second home of Calgary for the Calgary Expo.

This year certainly didn’t disappoint with big names making it out such as Karl Urban, Alan Tudyk, Billie Piper, Tom Felton, William Shatner, John Barrowman…

…and even Clark Gregg!

But enough about the celebrities (mostly because I don’t have any more photos of them to post), let’s get right into it and see what else the show had to offer this year.

Despite their paper construction, the paper toys by BIT+ actually feel quite solid and rigid. The detail on each model is insane as well.

A GIGANTIC Green Ranger model for you to take home for the low price of $6,000!

Don’t worry there’s much smaller (and more affordable) Power Rangers available too.

I had no idea that One Piece Tsum Tsum’s even existed.

Tomica’s little die-cast cars have always been popular but their themed versions really take the cake.

You can even get an extra-large Micky bus to carry all your favourites!

This is probably one of the coolest pieces of art I saw at the show. Created by Vanishing Point Design, this is essentially a light box featuring multiple separate layers combined to create your favourite scene from pretty much anything you want.

Here’s one featuring Totoro!

The Weta booth never disappoints and always has fascinating things to lay your eyes upon (or spend your money on, whatever you prefer).

I think Smaug is still one of, if not THE coolest dragon I’ve ever seen in cinema.

An extremely detailed model of Rivendell on display.

“Go touch it, it feels so gross!”

They even brought out Chappie’s head to put on display.

With the somewhat recent release of the latest Star Wars film, it was no surprise that S.A.L.U.G decided to create yet another impressive Star Wars themed Lego display.

Check out that life-sized BB-8!

Rawry & Pohly always has some cool art that would fit right into any room.

Did you know that all of their canvases are hand painted and not actually just reproduced? Nothing but top quality from these talented artists!

The naked Cyanide & Happiness sold out pretty quickly last year but I was able to snag one for myself this time.

Completely homemade Dalek by Royal Board Shop.

Cake Bake Shoppe had some very neat custom cakes on display such as this Stan Lee version!

Guy Fawkes mask a little too overplayed for you? No problem…

…as RPS Masks have got you covered. From Pokemon to Zelda, they have an assortment of custom DIY paper masks that are very sturdy and look absolutely amazing.

Since we’ve seen Puglie last year she’s released these adorable pug plushies complete with butthole!

The Captain trapped behind bars.

Holy nostalgia, who else besides me used to watch Beast Wars?

While we’re at it, who else remembers the creepy faces on the Gameboy Camera that you could then later print out? Yeah no thanks…

Lianne Moseley was on hand to demonstrate her intricate airbrushing techniques, turning your regular person into a full on walking cel shaded being.

Very tiny and cute Pokemon creations made from fuse beads! Sadly I don’t remember the name of the artist.


Foosh always has a selection of some of the coolest art toys by Kidrobot on display…

…such as the latest twin Sriracha Dunny’s.

Homer Buddha finally making an appearance!

This may look like a Kidrobot creation, but it’s actually not. This lovely combo, consisting of the Tian Tian Blank Boy Canvas and DIY Lovebot Toy, are actually both manufactured by Mindzai right here in Canada and created by Danny Yung and Matthew Del Degan.

Yeah I probably wouldn’t eat these even in the case of an apocalypse…

An incredible looking Iron Man helmet…

…with equally impressive looking Power Ranger helmets right below!

Feeling a little sorry for how cramped this C-3PO looks…

This adorable looking whale is actually a butter dish by Salty Sea Dog Designs.

Lego head containers for your Lego heads.

All kinds of crazy kawaii Pokemon plushies imported directly from the Pokemon Center in Japan.

I even spotted this sneaky little guy hanging around…

I guess that’s one way to get Caitlyn to stand up straight.

Well that’s most unfortunate.

SUPER soft dog plushies.

I would be afraid of wearing these for shear fear of dirtying them.

Now you can bring home (literally) the feeling of living in your very own vault thanks to these door finishers by Knock Out!

Someone buy me this please. Thanks.

I can’t even begin to imagine how long this took to create.

Unfortunately I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend with the Driven show so I won’t have my next post from the show up until later this week, but be sure to keep an eye out for it as we’ll be taking a look at this years cosplayers!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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