780Tuners Season Opener 2016

Normally the 780Tuner Season Opener signifies the start of our car season, but of course this year things actually kicked off with the Driven Calgary show. No matter, that wasn’t going to stop the biggest meet of the province from being a big hit.

Now we always know that this meet is huge, but NOTHING prepared me for just how insane this meet turned out to be. The scene that greeted me seemed more like something you’d see from the States; there were easily 1,000+ cars with even more people in attendance.

It would appear that our local car scene is starting to boom again with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I should also note that with just how nuts this meet was, it was very difficult for me to shoot most of the cars there with so many coming and leaving at once. That being said, let’s get right into it.

A rather rare sight, a CB Accord slammed on Fast Royale wheels.

Super clean “zenki” model LHD S14.

Looks like Bill of ThreeTwenty made the drive up from Calgary for the meet.

Very interesting looking Toyota Starlet with wide flares.

A pretty looking De Tomaso Pantera…

…with an extremely clean and shaved engine bay.

Daniel’s FR-S on his newish TE37SL’s.

Kevin’s BLACK PEARL kitted IS.

Rear shot of Leo’s FR-S giving us a better view of his new Voltex wing.

Evo VII’s are legal for import now!

The amount of clean Z’s being built recently have really been on the rise. Keep ‘em coming!

APR widebody MR2 Spyder.

Awesome Jeep rocking the full Jurassic Park livery.

Absolutely mental S2000 with an LS swap. I’m sure many locals will recognize this car off social media but it seems to rarely ever make a public appearance.

Without a doubt one of the craziest wing setups in the city.

No idea what this is but wow.

It’s not very often that you see a modified CR-V around town, let alone a JDM one.

Incredibly immaculate Chevy Bel Air.

I really enjoyed just staring at this car for a while. There wasn’t a bolt left untouched on this car.

Keith’s GTI with his new gurney flap.

Duncan’s Genesis now with tire sidewall lettering.

Cale’s FR-S.

Adam’s 350Z which will apparently look slightly different in the very near future…

Root beer colored Evo VIII in the back with riveted on rear over fenders.

Fresh looking JDM GC8 Impreza. Majority of the ones you see around here are usually quite haggard, but not this one!

Well then…

Peters car minus Peter.

I’ve never been much for domestics personally, but I’ve always enjoyed El Camino’s.

A Delica giving people rides around the parking lot…

…as was this Miata which amazingly didn’t scrap going over this ramp.

Unreal paint job on this car…

A familiar looking S13 Silvia sitting quietly on the far side of the lot.

This E-AT Civic was without a doubt my favourite car from the meet. Just how can you resist that full Mugen Motul livery from originally found on the Group A JTCC car? So awesome.

That’s all for now folks! Be sure to check out the Flickr link below as there are many more photos that I didn’t post in here.


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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