Getup And Go

I see a lot of artists work on a lot of different projects on a daily basis; planning their next photoshoot, writing lyrics for their next song, heck, even car people planning out what they’re going to do to their car next season (assuming their wallet allows them that is). It’s all part of the game. We plan, execute, and reveal out latest and greatest to the world.

One of these projects that I get to see up-close happens to be cosplay. As we’ve seen in the past, my sister Priscilla is a cosplay enthusiast. I get to see every step involved in creating these wonderful outfits, and the end result is never anything short of amazing. This isn’t a typical “what should I wear today?” kind of decision. Rather it’s a “what am I going to make to wear” kind of decision where you can literally make anything. The great thing is is that you’re always surrounded by others with the same passion as you at events such as the Edmonton Expo, making it all so worth it in the end. Besides, who doesn’t like to dress up?!

That being said, I’ve included some highlights of Priscilla and Jessica’s latest creations (whoever can name Priscilla’s cosplay wins a cookie) along with all the other amazing cosplays from this year’s Expo.







































































Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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