Sunday School X

_DSC0423 Ten years. That’s a long time.

Ten years is enough time to do pretty much anything. That is enough time to start walking, start talking, make new friends, and make new memories. This is ill.motion Sunday School.

Ever since the first time I started attending this show back in 2013, I’ve been going back every year that I could because it was just too damn fun. The cars, the atmosphere, and the blazing heat would always come together for the day, and the tenth and final show was no different (although the heat did subside a little bit this time). This event would always bring out a vast selection of top notch machinery, many of which can only be seen at this show and no others. Clearly there was something special about this event.

Of course we can’t forget about the people behind the cars either, as they are the ones who make it all happen. As someone who runs a media site themselves, I can confidently say that the impression I’ve gotten from ill.motion over the years has been one of passion; people who do what they do not because they have to, but rather because they genuinely love it. This is something that I feel has been missing from the scene in recent times with the social media rat race, and I think this is one of the key elements to both the success of the show as well as why it’s been able to stay strong for so long.

While the finale was delayed for a couple of years, I was certainly glad to see it go out on top. Thanks to the crew at ill.motion for always putting in the effort towards Sunday School; you will be missed.






























































































































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