Edmonton Expo – The Cosplayers

From the moment you walk through the front doors at The Edmonton Expo, you are immediately greeted with a large variety of cosplayers.

These men and woman spend countless hours creating their very own costumes of their favourite characters from video games, movies, comic books, pretty much anything!

Some of these outfits are amazing, as a lot of people do put a lot of time and effort into perfecting every little detail.

This Iron Man might not be equipped with jets and laser beams, but hey, at least everything still lights up.

Probably one of the biggest dresses I’ve ever seen.

It’s great to see people of all ages at conventions like these. Might as well get started early!

Glad to see that nobody was left out from the action.

Over at the 501st Legion booth, people could get their picture taken with their favourite characters from Star Wars.

I really couldn’t get over just how tall this Chewbacca was. My guess was about eight feet high.

Being a Final Fantasy fan, I couldn’t help but spot the Rufus and Yuffie…

…but as it turns out, there were more of them!

You probably wouldn’t see these two standing next to each other anywhere else.

You can never go wrong with a classic. Unfortunately both Red and White Ranger weren’t present, and yes, Yellow Ranger is doing Gangnam Style…

Green Arrow, complete with really shooting arrows.

Harley Quinn alone? I don’t think so…

…more like the Gotham City Sirens out in full force.

Even the Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri herself was present!

While the Wolverines were busy having their cat fight…

…Slender Man himself silently found his way next to them. In fact, he found himself next to everybody at one point or another.

Although not really a cosplay, it was hard to miss this Portal Gun being carried around.

It can even switch between the blue and orange portals.

One particular character that caught everyone’s attention was this little Jigsaw, rolling around innocently on his tricycle. It’s honestly as creepy as it looks, and extremely well done. Believe it or not, this is actually 100% mechanical and remote controlled.

Speaking of remote controlled…

…there was even a life sized, fully functional R2D2. Beep-boop-beep-boop!

At the end of the first day there was actually a cosplay contest being held, open to anyone who of course, was cosplaying.

There were quite a variety to choose from.

I’m sure all the Street Fighter fans will appreciate this.

I wonder how many people remember Spy vs. Spy?

The Hello Kitty Samurai, first seen at Animethon 19, made another appearance here at the Edmonton Expo. You never know what you’ll find here!

Red Skull holding the Cosmic Cube.

While there were plenty of very well done cosplays…

…it was this Hexadecimal that took home the Best Of Show award, and for good reason.

She even had all the interchangeable masks. How awesome is that.

Stay tuned for the last part from The Edmonton Expo, where we take one last walk around!


Part ONE of The Edmonton Expo.

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Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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