Little Hearts Big Dreams 3 – Wrap Up

After a quick break, it was time for the show to get back to action.

Carlo Reyes is usually seen dancing, whether it be solo or in a group, but this time around he was playing guitar instead.

Joining him on stage was the rest of the lively bunch of the band SevenDaze.

On stage with the shows MC’s Martin Nguyen and Jill Kuzyk, Stefan Rzadzinski was on hand to give a quick speech about what it’s like to pursue your dreams.

Stefan is currently involved in the competitive world of auto racing (open-wheel), and shared some of his experiences and the hardships involved over the years to get to where he is now. Without a doubt, chasing your dreams, whatever they may be, certainly requires alot of both dedication and passion.

It’s always great to see artists of different genres collaborating with each other. You never know what they’ll create together.

Something that we haven’t seen much of before, Sean Sonego and Jake Cox took over the show with a combination of tap dancing and guitar.

Despite the difference in form, these two are very talented individuals, making this collaboration between music and dance (although I guess tap-dancing is also music in a way) work in ways we’d never even image!

Emerge is one of the dance groups that have been around for a while, and for good reason.

These guys are not only a great group of dancers, but always seem to be enjoying themselves and most importantly, are always having fun with what they do.

With voices smooth enough to sooth your soul, Aaron Wong and Chris Yoo have a style that is simple, clean, and well, smooth. Very smooth.

These two guys were alot of fun to work with during the LHBD3 Pre-Shoot. Although very comical in personality, when it came to the show they were right on it.

One of the most anticipated performances of the night would have to have been a familiar contemporary piece, first seen at Kinesis 2012.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Jake Cox perform tonight, this time joined by his partner Jordyn Callies.

Anytime these two perform, you can really get a sense of their passion for dance. Their piece was not only performed flawlessly, but is truly inspiring to any dancer out there.

Erin Yamabe was a new face to the LHBD community. Having performed with artists such as Mallory Chipman in the past, she certainly didn’t seem out of place!

Another one of those performances that everyone was looking forward to was by Sara Meng and her partner Vince Oller.

Sara, along with Vince, won the award for “Choreographer Of The Year” from Artists Emerge 2012. From the looks of it, she certainly hasn’t slacked at all, continuing to work hard and definitely gives her best every time she’s on stage.

The final act of last year’s show, A.D.D., decided to change things up a bit for this year’s show.

Firstly, Dave Paclibar was on the keyboard, but of course, still singing!

Secondly, instead of the usual acoustic sound that we’re used to from A.D.D., they decided to perform as a full band this time with the assistance of brothers Emmanuel and Mark Samuel Romero.

Prior to the show, Josh Capulong was saying how he was feeling a bit nervous as this was the first time the group wouldn’t be performing acoustic. I don’t think this fazed them a bit however!

It’s not uncommon these days to find something where there is much more than meets the eye.

Angelique Bebe blew everyone away with a very confident performance. I don’t think I was the only who wasn’t expecting such a strong and powerful voice.

The top notch dancers of NXG never cease to amaze wherever they go, with their explosive performances leaving audiences amazed from all over.

The following week immediately after LHBD3, NXG was in Vancouver for the World Of Dance competition where they placed fourth overall.

Be on the lookout for NXG in the future at a city near you!

With all the performances finished for the night, the two main organizers of LHBD, Karen Shin and Margaret Villadarez, took to the stage to give a speech regarding the time and effort involved into organizing a benefit concert such as LHBD3, as well as to thank everyone for coming out and making LHBD3 another success.

Before the night was over however…

…it was time for all the performers to come out one last time…

…to finally finish off the night with a little Gangnam Style!

Everyone including even Dr. Patchup go in on the action.

With so much support for the LHBD series, as well as an overwhelming amount of talent, I can’t wait to see what Karen and Margaret have planned next. See you all at next year’s show!


Part ONE of LHBD3.

Part TWO of LHBD3.

LHBD3 Pre-Show Shoot.

Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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