Car Hunting In Vancouver

Without a doubt, one thing that the Vancouver area is known for is the car scene.

Whether you’re into imports, exotics, or domestics, you’ll find it. Into drift, VIP, or drag racing? They got it covered.

So being a car guy, I found it only natural to snap a photo of every vehicle that caught my eye during my stay, starting off with this Tesla Roadster, a rare and incredibly quick car powered by electricity!

I was very curious about this little EG, too bad it was under wraps.

I think I still prefer the hatchback version of the latest Impreza STi over the sedan. What do you guys think?

Here’s one for comparison, wrapped in quite a flashy Subaru livery.

The A&J Racing GTR spotted at Aberdeen Mall!

In fact, there always seems to be something to see inside the Aberdeen Mall parking lot, like this matte black wrapped BMW M6 by SR Auto…

…to this very clean looking Porsche Panamera…

…and this Varis kitted Evo X…

…finished off by yet another GTR!

An older generation Mercedes SLK sitting quietly in downtown Vancouver…

…whereas the new one looks much more aggressive!

Keen eyes may recognize that the red SLK shot is in Granville Island, a place that I think works fantastic as backdrops for cars.

See what I mean? Mind you I think a 911 looks good anywhere, whether it’s in the art filled Granville Island…

…or the busy streets of downtown!

There’s generally always plenty of beautiful machinery to be found lurking around downtown Vancouver, such as this Ferrari 458 for example.

I’ve always loved the elegant lines of Aston Martins. Rolling with the top down just makes it that much better…

…unless you prefer to roll with the top down in something a little more “raw”. 9KRPM all day! Also note the Ruckus behind the S2000.

Mugen Power.

For some reason this Bentley has a “Rolls Royce” feel to it.

Lotus has always done a great job of making a car fast by keeping things simple.

I forgot which hotel this was, but damn.

A curious looking Impreza that I spooted at the Vancouver Aquarium. Could’ve sworn that I saw this exact car in Edmonton just the week after…

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911, and throughout that entire history, Porsche has done nothing but improve on the 911’s unconventional rear mounted engine layout. With so many generations, which design do you guys like the most? The old school…

…or new?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what this is!

Now this is not something you see every day, not to mention sitting on a dealer lot.

I’m going to end things off with a personal favourite, the Maserati Gran Turismo. As much as I love this car, I’m almost glad that you don’t see them too often. Makes it that much more special every time you do see one, don’t you think?


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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