Little Hearts Big Dreams 3 – Showtime


After all tech runs and rehearsals were complete, the doors were finally opened at the Jubilee for the third annual Little Hearts Big Dreams benefit concert.


With the seats quickly filling up, it was time for the show to get started!


Mallory Chipman, along her band, was the first on stage to get the crowed warmed up for tonight’s jam packed program.


The girls of Femality never fail to entertain, and they sure weren’t afraid to throw it down with some attitude.


Most of the girls of Femality, if not all, actually dance with other groups outside of their all-female crew, so it’s great to see them all come together like this.


At past events, I’ve actually only ever seen Jordana Hon perform solo.


This time around however, she was accompanied by guitarist Rene Schumacher. A great match on stage if you ask me!


Pretty much every performer and group at LHBD3 also performs at many other concerts, both local and away. That’s sure to keep them busy!


Nathan Brown and Vanessa Oller are always a crowd favourite wherever they go.


With so much support from all over, together the two were able to make the Top 20 for Canada’s Got Talent. Be sure to keep an eye out for Nathan and Vanessa in the future as I’m sure that they will go far in this world!


Regardless of the venue (or sometimes even out in public), break dancing always seems to be a crowd pleaser wherever you go.


When they’re not busy with battles, the boys of Breakvengers like to take to the stage together, showing off that b-boys aren’t just all about break dancing.


When it comes to doing what they do best however, we can watch that all day.


I’ve been watching these guys for a while now and it’s great to see how far they’ve come. They certainly have grown alot and I can’t wait to see what these guys have to offer in the future!


This was also the first time I’ve seen Melanie Hidalgo and Josh Candy perform a duet together.


Josh is a well-known dancer and choreographer in the Edmonton area, and having worked with Melanie Hidalgo before, it was no wonder that they worked so well on stage together.


Jean de Jesus stirred things up a bit by performing a musical, something we haven’t seen at a benefit concert so far. She was actually a bit nervous prior to the show about it as well, but she handled herself quite well out there!


Another familiar face from last year’s show, Angelo Gutierrez returns as the youngest performer on the list.


Angelo was saying before the show how once day he hopes to become a great dancer with his main inspiration being Michael Jackson. With him starting at such a young age, I’d say he’s off to a great start


Following right after, it was time for intermission!


While most people relax for a bit and stretch their legs, others found themselves taking pictures with the Stolley’s mascot, Dr. Patchup!


Stay tuned for the final part of the LHBD3 coverage!


Part ONE of LHBD3.

Part THREE of LHBD3.

LHBD3 Pre-Show Shoot.

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