Where Imagination Comes To Life – Granville Island

If there’s one place that I wasn’t about to miss out on during my trip to Vancouver, it was here. Welcome to Granville Island.

I absolutely adore this place; everything about it just makes me want to stay here even longer.

Everywhere you go here, there‘s evidence that this place is not only by the harbor…

…but is also filled with art!

You’ll even find it in the least likely places…

…but the point is, you’ll really find it everywhere!

Of course this is also home to the famous Emily Carr University of Art and Design, so I just had to make a quick stop inside.

While Emily Carr has multiple buildings, there is always the main building where you can walk in and see some of the students’ works on display.

Now it’s usually against my own policy to photograph individual works of fellow artists, so I don’t really have a whole lot of photos to post from the campus. If you are considering attending Emily Carr, I would highly suggest signing up for one of their undergraduate tours where they show you around the campus as well as all the facilities. Having taken the tour myself, I can say that it really helps give you an idea and feel for what it’s like being enrolled in this amazing school.

Moving on, I happen to come across what appears to be a very intricate Rube Goldberg machine.

This was very cool to watch. There was so much to it and the attention to detail was amazing.

I wonder if this is a project from one of the students of Emily Carr?

Not only that, there are multiple random displays placed throughout Granville Island as well.

There are multiple gift shops as well where you can get cool things like this little fire truck…

…as well as Romero Britto items!

One of the main areas to visit in Granville Island is the farmers market where you can get a lot of fresh produce.

Of course, this being Granville Island, the vendors tend to be a little creative!

There are a lot of other neat things to see and buy here as well. For example, this is my first time seeing paper art in person!

Now this is just too cool.

There was also one gentleman there who makes Traditional Chinese Seals…

…of which I couldn’t resist!

Like I said there is all kinds of neat things to see, like this dress shaped dresser…

…to this pretty interesting tape roll.

Now that’s awesome.

Not sure which one I like better though.

There were even these cool animal shaped paperclips!

Once again, I couldn’t resist.

Perhaps one of my favourite things about Granville Island is eating outside by the harbor where flocks and flocks of pigeons and seagulls will slowly but surely surround you.

Trust me, they will literally be right next to you!

As a matter of fact, there are even warnings found around the area. I guess you’ll just have to come here and see for yourself!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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