Magical Ducks Everywhere – Richmond Night Market 2013

I was a little sad to be missing out on both the Calgary Stampede as well as K-Days back home in Edmonton this year, but I figured it wouldn’t be that bad as I was going to be spending a bit of time in the Vancouver area instead. As it turns out, the Richmond Night Market was also going on at the same time!

As much as I’ve visited Richmond in the past, this would be my first time going to the night market. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to it.

The theme of this years night market was “Magical Duck Island”, hence all the ducks everywhere.

They even had this appropriately decorated Mini Cooper up for raffle!

Of course the real reason people go to night markets in the first place is to shop…

…and to eat!

While there is your usual assortment of Sanrio goods…

…there were also a lot of neat things that I haven’t seen before like these Teemo and Ramus hats!

Some pretty cheerful looking cups with matching lids!

These Korean socks were super popular this year, so much that I even had my friends back home asking me to get them some!

Besides plushes and bags, there’s always a ton of stationary to be had as well.

Everything from notepads, pens, pencils, pencil cases, you name it! These puppy pens were looking especially adorable.

Something else I found that was adorable were these panda slippers! I can’t help but imagine that they’d get pretty dirty pretty quickly though.

Now you can enjoy your favourite Sanrio character while playing Mahjong!

Glad to see that Sesame Street is still around.

Phone cases were huge this year and there was a massive selection to choose from.

I recently saw this exact Totoro bed online, who would’ve thought that I’d be able to see it in person here?!

While there was plenty to see and buy…

…there was also a mini-carnival section where you could also play games and win prizes!

Is it just me or I don’t ever recall seeing plushes hung upside down at carnivals before…

After playing some games and getting your picture taken with the gigantic duck…

…I moved onto something that I was really looking forward to after learning that it was available at the night market: the Rotato!

Not only is it a food, it’s also a lot of other random things apparently…

…but today I would only be eating it!

I stood there patiently waiting for my number to be called as the ladies seasoned each one accordingly.

Like the Totoro bed, I’ve only ever seen these online before. So many cool things in one place!

Finally, it was mine! By the way it was delicious.

No way was I going to leave without getting some curry fish balls first.

There always seems to be neat and interesting things to be found at markets/carnivals like this…

…so there’s no telling what they’ll have next year!


Click HERE to view the full photo set on Flickr.

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